Red World Fungi

My Dear Profo,
What a strange world it is on which we live! I suspect that with a thousand years and a thousand fine ecologists I could hardly hope to complete a categorization of all of the types that grow. I shall not tell you here of the things you already know, but rather of those things I suspect will surprise you. For instance, I have been given a safe refuge among the Lizardfolk. Though we hardly spare but a few words of Elven, they have provided me a comfortable sleeping mat and brought me numerous samples of the fungus of this place. Some of them I have tried to eat, with some difficulties, but nothing that a burst from that Wand of Neutralize Poison you packed for me didn’t fix in a jiffy. I asked a few questions and got some spotty answers, it seems that these Lizardfolk don’t have too much in the way of ideas about these things. So, I’ll give them some placeholder names until a proper typology can be created:

  • Gold-Tops are little half-foot tall with a milky-white stem and a sparkling golden head and separate nicely just above ground level. They appear mildly poisonous, although it took longer than I was expecting for the sickness to manifest.
  • Silver-Tops look very similar to Gold-Tops, but they’re stouter and a little harder to break off. They tasted much better than the Gold-Tops, and I don’t think they were poisonous.
  • Twinkle-Tops have a distinct red cap with white dots. I was afraid to eat them, but they seem to have passed completely through without any trouble.
  • Violet Giants are a very spooky plant. Almost the same size as an elf, they have a stem made almost entirely of little white tendrils—almost tentacle like. But the head on them is the most noteworthy, cavernous like a delicious tableshroom but the most protoplasmic purple color and a non-trivial quantity of actual flailing tentacles. Fortunately for me, my Lizardfolk hosts had already cut it down and dried out the tentacles. I’ll be honest, I faked eating this one.
  • Violet screamers are a different thing entirely. Almost the same size as the Violet Giant, these mushrooms have little air bladders that produce a screaming sound if you get too close. But, they’re absolutely delicious, and not a hint of poison in them.
  • _Brown mold is a yucky fungus that grows crazy if you bring it within five feet of fire. It seems to suck heat away from anything. Again, not something I wanted to try. _

I’ll try to send another letter as I get to a deeper layer. I’m so thankful to these Lizardfolk for their hospitality and food stuffs.


Red World Fungi

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