On Nagaji Awakening

Hissthou the wizened has written about our progenitors and their treasures so many words that need not be reproduced here. But when Hissthou sat down to write, he knew not that he wrote at the closing of his age. For I call to you, my brethren nagaji, and ask you to see the world differently. For though Hissthou was truly wizened and was truly experienced and much-knowing in the ways of the world and everything in it, his perspective was limited by his lifetime of service to the greatest nagas.

Those nagas remain in the world even as their treasures lie beneath their feet. Are there any among us who have not understood the gift that the Nagaking gave over to the world by bringing these treasures here? He gave his life and his spirit to the cosmos that the treasure of a lost empire should not fall into the hands of an evil.

So I ask now, quite simply, should we follow Hissthou and our progenitor’s paths and leave the treasures guarded under the artifices we have created, under the watchful gazes of our progenitors, themselves only a slightly purer spark of the great nagaking than ourselves. For we have in the last eon grown numerous beyond counting. Is now not the time to redeem the treasures which the great nagaking has brought?

For did not Hissthou lie to us, for there are two sorts of treasure to be found in the belly of the planet. Everyone can see the simple talismans and tokens of the great empire that once was. Few among us are gifted with a second sight for deeper treasures. For are there not also concealed in the deep places under the same guard as the physical treasures the simple truths that make ruling possible?

Long ago in one deep ruin, I followed the orders of my patron and descended to see the ancient Naga laying in guard. Indeed laying I found him, but it was not a lying in guard, for his body had grown old and fatted, and he had died bloated and ugly. My body was filled with rage and confusion and wonder, and I looked about to find the treasure that it might remain under guard.

For long moments, a seeming eternity, I traversed the ruin, convinced that the treasure’s room had somehow been breached without obvious passage; that the token or talisman or bauble buried there had been stolen away by some great evil in contravention to the wishes of the nagaking ancient and unknowable.

At long last, I gave in to desperation, and with the fiber of my mind I cried out: “Nagaking, if there is a treasure in this place, let it be revealed to me.” Immediately I saw a vision of myself in a watery garden like onto another world. There I sat for a moment, my eyes adjusting to the bright terror of the light and my heartbeat’s terror.

Eventually, I was able to look down and see my own form, my legs were not beneath me, but rather a curved naga’s tail. Above me, carved in raw and sharp light in the air was an unmistakable lotus flower. It opened its blossom and faced me. I breathed, and all at once the flower seemed to throw a violent burst of spore deep into me. Passing into my open mouth, the spores traveled upward, ignoring the boundaries of my physical skin and mouth and head and filling my head and my mind.

In this moment I was filled with all of the strange music of the universe, as my limbs were shaken, and I was lifted from my tail’s pose. Over the garden I floated, and then, as quick as it had come, the music was gone. The vision was gone. And I was back in the ruin with the dead elder naga. However, I had learned then a secret which until today I have not put into words: We are the nagaking. The naga were a transitory step. Now is the day to gather all the treasures, both physical and spiritual. Do as I have done, but kill the naga who stands against you! Let the spirit of the ancient nagaking be imparted fully into the infinite Nagaji.

We claim all the treasures of the nagaking as our birthright. First, let us rise up and strike down the nagas which lay in artifices our bodies created. Their treasure shall be ours, as shall every lost talisman of the nagaking. Let us rebuild and reforge the empire in treasure and blood. Let us therefore arise!

On Nagaji Awakening by Hisstheronos

On Nagaji Awakening

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