Mourning's Mystery

Woe to the Mourningers, who have poked a three-headed crown out into the beauty of the untamed wilds. Woe to the Elves, who have raised a city whose very existence invites our dismay. Woe indeed to these mortals, for they have trespassed a line in the sand. For the pickings of the surface, laid there over an eon, are ours and ours alone.
-Strange Parchment from the Surface

The first few expeditions were particularly bad. With a survival rate akin to dining with Troglodytes or Dancing with Dark Folk, one would almost rather avoid traversing any portion of the burning plains of the surface desert. However, certain spots within a few solar day’s walk of Mourning seem to be worthy of archaeological and adventurer-worthy significance. One reason for this is the very simple and easy to understand prominence of surface access to tunnels which are not connected by any direct path to Mourning. These seem to have seen a heavy use during a different stage of the planet’s climatological or geological history. We remain focused on sending adventuring expeditions to these areas due to the clear preponderance of benefit available. Further and more shocking, however, there appear to be deposits of items from other worlds present on the barren surface as well. Samples of such things have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the very place in the universe where we remain.

-Excerpt, White Paper delivered to the Mourning Mageocracy.

List of Archaeologically or Magically Significant Artifacts from Mourning’s fourth expedition to the blue crater:

  • A surprising quantity of refined and minted coins of different metals and purity
  • Several leather-bound tomes with papyrus or parchment pages
  • Several metal statues
  • A metal box without an obvious way to open it
  • Several incomplete skeletons which look to belong to a humanoid species different than those which currently exist
  • An obviously enchanted magical hammer
  • a small medallion which will respond with growling noises when talked to

Obviously, these were surprising. Additional expeditions are planned.

Source: Mourning Daily

Mourning's Mystery

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