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Welcome to the Wiki for Red Mourning. This page will serve as a central hub for content pieces. Some of these are written in an encyclopedic style, others in a more rules-oriented technical style, some are in a narrative form, and some are strange poems. The goal here is to flesh out as much of the world, its current form, its history, and those deviations from how a “normal” world works.

The most mythological pieces:
Genesis I, Genesis II, How Troglodytes Came to Be, Marduk and Tiamat, On Veneration of Naga, On Nagaji Awakening, The Oration of Wiku.

Pantheon oriented pieces:
The Most Elder Gods, Marduk Entry and Church, The Sons of Tiamat, Non-Mardukite Human Deities, Non-Theism.

Ecological or scientific pieces: Red World Ecology, Goblin Forest Ecology, Deep sentients, Non-agriculturist Food sources, Agriculture and Myth, Dragonkin Biology, On Primitive Red World Agriculture, Red World Fungi, Red World Seasons.

Settlement oriented pieces:
Mourning, Murfreesboro, Whitestone.

More about Mourning:
Mourning’s Mystery, Mourning and Race, Mourning and Law, Mourning and Lawlessness, Mourning and Resolution, Mourning and Non-Uniqueness.


Out of character guides for adventurer-characters:
Adventurer’s Chronicle I Adventurer’s Chronicle II, Adventurer’s Chronicle III, Adventurer’s Chronicle IV.

Character Creation!
Character Creation

What is worth noting is that you’re looking at a very-rough (Just beyond 1st Pass, even, with a couple of appropriate exceptions) draft. As we get closer to using the “Yet Unnamed World” described in these pages, the edges will be smoothed and, theoretically, the quality will improve. As I state elsewhere, however, feel free to be a part of this process: if you have questions, please email or otherwise message me and I will draw on your inputs to help develop the world into a deeper, brighter, darker, and clearer thing.

Main Page

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