Genesis II

What dare we say of the First of all Worlds? It is there that our earliest forefathers took their first breaths. A dozen dozen generations of our long-lived kind—and we ourselves were among the last born on the First of All Worlds—lived and died before the first memory, itself taken from a Wyrm of Eternal age and stature, comes down to us. It is a calm memory, of a young world crawling with our forefathers and the miserable life they ate. The youngest of a litter flees his clutch as a dark two-legged predator arrives. He alone among his brood would live to adulthood. Not long after this memory, our kind, and indeed all kinds, left the First World…
Minu – Time Dragon of Antiquity

The First World is a name given to the original home of Sentient life on the Material Plane. As with everything that stretches back this far in history, it’s a little hard to talk about duration or distances. What can be surmised, however, is that sometime after the ‘act’ which created all Something from Nothing and gave reality to the Material Plane, but before the always-hard-to-pin-down departure of an increasingly displeased Creator from the Multiverse he’d created, Creator elected to cause to exist a planet.

This planet arose in a position upon the Material Plane equirelational with the four Fundamental Elemental planes. Thus, it was given a solid Earthy Crust, an abundant atmosphere of Air, a heated liquid-Metal core and a Fire-fueled tropical temperature, and oceans which covered over 90% of its surface. Deep in a hot spot in one of the many oceans, Creator caused the first life to arise. Anything said about the form of first life is obviously shrouded in more layers of vain speculation, but perhaps it was a Trilobite. In any case, from the depths of the First Sea to the whole of the First World, life spread and changed and spread and changed. Under the watchful eye of the creator, an Eon of life went by before the First World.*

At the end of this first age, a creature unlike any other than had ever lived was birthed. Blessed from birth (perhaps as a result of a strange locale—such as an area too close to a junction with three elemental planes) with the power to breathe water, fire, and air, this creature was also gifted with an almost supernatural intelligence. Listening to the lingering resonance of creation, the creature pronounced the first Sentient mortal words onto the multiverse. A descendant tongue of these first words is still occasionally heard in the halls of [Red Planet], where it is associated with creatures called ‘Dragons’.

This first type of Dragon, called ‘Darkworms’ by their eventual descendants, and gifted beyond all other creatures of the First World in both mind and body, achieved great numbers. They consumed whole species to extinction by the power of their hunger and domesticated others as food-races. They invented tools for building great buildings and tools for destroying great buildings. They invented weapons, coins, and eventually learned the most rudimentary of elemental magics. The Material Plane’s first tyrants, the first despots, and the first destroyers are all Darkworms of this period.

The second Eon of the First World was thus one of considerable strife and despotism; it was not, however, eternal. From the shadow of the Darkworms’ wing, a challenger-species arose, and, bolstered by the newly born Gods, this species gained sentience and sufficient physical prowess to break off the yolk of the Darkworms. When humans give name to these creatures, the size of the creature seems all that humans consider: these were the first Titans. Birthed of Creator-will and empowered as agents of the Oldest Gods, the Titan was the first bipedal sentient in the multiverse. While never as profligate as the excessive Darkworms, the Titans mustered sufficient numbers to wage a great war at the end of the second Eon.

Details remain unclear about the specifics of the war, but its results are evident today: both Titans and Darkworms were deeply broken by the war. Thrown from their position atop all mortal life, Darkworms took to modifying their own bodies in a quest for greater abilities. Numerous attempts at these transitions were doomed to utter failure, but a few were successful. These creatures, the forerunners of all modern Dragons, utilized their lives and bodies as permanent conduits and repositories for Elemental energies. They also internalized an eternal rage at the Titans. Their anger, said to burn with fire as hot as a star, was manifested in a fiery breath and hardened black scales.

Additionally, The unpredictability of their elemental conduits fostered a diversification of Draconic species, as numerous adaptations arose and were shared throughout early Dragon populations. While attitudes for a long time remained in a primitive state, the physical varieties of Dragon changed with a rapidity unlike any in nature.

Titans too were transformed over time, as their Divine masters molded their bodies into better and better machines of war. But, whenever the Titans were on the edge of achieving their own hegemony, Divine magics from certain deities slowed their progress and bolstered the Dragons instead. This cycle, in which Dragons and Titans fought a proxy war between sects of young Gods, raged for generations, until, at a key moment, The First World was changed forever.

Creator, seeing the outpouring of the blood of his children in proxy war, was moved with compassion for mortals against the divine meddling. He cursed the Gods to be forever limited in their power over mortal creatures and over creation: mortal souls and mortal prayers would now be the domain of the Gods, and the only means by which they could act against mortals or worlds in which mortals dwell.

Further, Creator, seeing that so many sentient mortals died at the hands of other sentient mortals, moved to destroy the First World and spread mortals and other things to distant new worlds. A thousand trips about creation spread all the mortal creatures that lived and a thousand seeds of planets to far-off distant worlds. Then, with a universe-shaking pronouncement, Creator smote the First World out of existence, and from thence has not been seen or heard in all the planes.

*Note: During this period, as Mortal Life was given its humblest beginnings, Creator did many other acts of creation in parallel. Details of these acts can be found here.

Genesis II

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