Genesis I

Of that age beyond our recollection, there is little we can say. What is it that made the rocks in the heavens and the emptiness between them? What created the races who would become Gods and themselves struggle to create? What forces beyond our comprehension shape our every moment? These are questions one would ask a Wyrm of Time and receive no answer, for even their eternal memory does not go so far as this.
—An anonymous Great Wyrm; Antiquity.

Before the beginning in what would become the Universe as it is known, there was Nothing. Not nothingness, not empty space, but Nothing. This Nothing, pregnant with potential, required an act to condense the Nothing’s potential into Something. This Something, of course, took the form of everything. But some thing; some person, needed to act.

There was such an actor. For convenience, I’ll call him “Creator”. This is not a name, but rather a title, given to the being to whom every living thing in the Universe owes a bit of gratitude. I’ll use male pronouns because they come naturally, not because of anatomical or societal relevance.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to learn anything about Creator; his handiwork, the earliest parts of the Universe, have been Created over by Gods and Titans for too many years to number. Every rock in the Universe might have been shaped by these Unnatural forces a dozen times over from Creator’s design—to say nothing of the Natural processes that work on rocks given time. Therefore, at best, what is known to mortals is vain speculation.

However, there are some truths: Creator was deeply interested in the layout of his Creation. This is most clearly visible in that last-created and most volatile of the Planes: The Material Plane.

In keeping with the base system, the Material Plane is everything which can be traversed without planar magic: that is, it is a four dimensional plane (3 space, one time) containing large quantities of ordinary matter. [The Red Planet] is just one “blue dot”, just one tiny backwater world of the Material Plane. Planets are one type of heavenly body created by interactions between the Material Plane’s surface and the seemingly endless Extraplanar multiverse (all Elemental, Inner, and Outer Planes). Each of these interactions allows for the formation of specific structures on the resulting body, from material deposits and crust formed by close interactions with Elemental Earth to rivers, oceans, and erosion brought about by Elemental Water. [Details of these interactions as separate pages?] These interactions happen on the Material Plane to a profound extent. and only rarely occur on other planes. This happens in part due to the geometric alignments of the Planes: each Elemental, Inner, or Outer plane has an ability to change its relationship with the Material Plane so that it is closer, or further away from specific parts (generally planets or stars) than others. While the Extraplanes are not locked with respect to one another, the potential to dramatically change relationship seems to be absent.

To speak like this is a little planet-focused, however: It’s worth noting that the vast majority of the Material Plane remains still full of emptiness: the vacuum and the void are well-understood phenomena among the space-faring races. Even some among the not-yet-space-faring are gifted with magic which touches these potent phenomena. There, however, more often than not, lies the mind-altering and unspeakable darkness which animates the void. Great beings fueled by the power of the void remain from the long-off days of the Material Plane’s origin: it perhaps in studying these creatures that the best understanding of Creator can be made, yet perhaps there too lies only madness.

To complete a general cosmology, however, here follows a list of specific acts which are commonly attributed to Creator.

In the beginning, Creator created. In some way he saw what was and what could be and by action made it so.
From the earliest morning of the Universe Creator divided the Material from the Extraplanar.
Far, far, from anywhere any mortal alive has ever heard of, and in a timeless moment in the earliest days of Creation, Creator made the first Planet, and its first life.

There may yet be others, but these seem to be the attributed acts of Creation.

Genesis I

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