Adventurer's Chronicle IV

This time with some homespun questions lifted from what Brian has asked me at other times:

How common are various long distance forms of message?Are there couriers that brave the wilds with satchels of mail?
Yes. Cost is not crazy, though as with a lot of things, it depends on where you’re trying to send the message. Mourning to Murfreesboro is pretty short and pretty safe, so no more than about 25gp would be needed. Mourning to Deep River is running a lot further and through more dangerous territory, so 75gp is probably a minimum for a carrier to consider it. Considering how many weeks of salary that could be for a city guard or tradesman, I’m not sure that kind of carrier would be used until the demand was absolute and urgent. However, your character is obviously able to try to convince NPCs to perform services for different costs, and so you might be able to get that message carried.

Does each city have a retinue of carrier lizards or the like?
I greatly enjoy the idea of a troupe of running lizards making mad dashes between cities. Hopefully they have a good way of avoiding getting eaten. I’d guess that sending post by lizard is only reasonable if you can afford for that post not to get there. But really, the lizard express could also be a thing—in which particularly gifted lizard riders deliver mail super-quickly by running the whole distance on the backs of oversize lizards.

Speaking of that kind of things, what do transportation options look like for tunnel traversal?
Lacking regular access to wood—it’s not clear that wood exists on the planet, any kind of cart would need to either be made entirely of metal or have some kind of magical enhancement to function. While easily refined metal is very much available in this world, it is not so cheap that every chap can afford an iron carriage. So, the short answer so far is: much more expensive. However, herd animals, perhaps some kind of pack-lizard, are useful for this niche.

Are there any established magic academies?
Mourning has one, and Whitestone has a university which is pretty useful. You won’t find much in the way of standardized education in Murfreesboro.

Adventurer's Chronicle IV

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