Adventurer's Chronicle III

In Part III of the ongoing series inspired and loosely based on certain clever internet people, we have a slightly less depressing theme: How can I increase my risk of quick and painful death?

How much to adventurers hired to guard caravans earn?
Generally, for a low level adventurer, the salary something of an insurance policy against certain kinds of creature attack. It’s generally a seller’s market, so contemporary adventurers can often hope for as much as 400gp/leg of a trip per guard, provided that they have sufficient equipment and experience. A typical run is not so fearsome or dangerous, spearing a few darkmantles and avoiding common fungoid is usually sufficient to earn the pay.

On more dangerous runs—especially those which run across territory belonging to dark folk or other mysterious and unknown forces—a much higher premium is normal. Usually, on those caravans, only the sturdiest and most experienced adventurers are recruited, and only the best of them make it back. Such guards can expect a premium salary of nearly 1000gp / leg, with a guaranteed payout to their family or heir in the event that they don’t make it back.

What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous?
There’s actually already a wikipage dedicated to answering this question and giving dangerously naive advice for dealing with rust monsters. Aside from those concerns, it should also be noted that there is the perpetual Dragonhunt, the perpetual removal of fungal infestations, free-range goblins, and various other exciting things to be done in the tunnels. Finally, recent and troubling reports of a Vampiric predator on the road between Whitestone and Murfreesboro have been met with calls for a grand group of adventurers.

More interesting and perhaps more lucrative, however, the skilled adventurer will apply to be part of a Mourning Expedition. These are surface scientific and adventuring expeditions to reachable areas on the planet’s surface. Those who achieve success in these endeavors are frequently greeted with fame in Mourning and abroad.

Are there any wars brewing I could go fight?
The short answer to this question is maybe. Dwarven and Elfin intellectuals have been preparing for a Dwarf-Elf war for quite some time now, as neither can really abide the other’s intellectual ego. Furthermore, there are periodic forays out of their not-well-understood homes by Orcs, Goblinoids, Human-eating Strix, and even the mystical Dragonkin which are often met by whole armies. While there is not necessarily open bloodshed surrounding any city at this moment, that could change very fast. See also, the deep denizens of the world.

How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes?
Unfortunately, yes. Both Deep River and Whitestone have amphitheaters where captured monsters as well as hardened criminals are often fought by adventurers for sport and coin. Additionally, certain forms of gun-duels—provided that the participants have brought their own firearms—and magical duels tend to be displayed on the same stage, meaning that Dwarf culture offers a lot of opportunity for the settling of old scores by blood and iron and coin. Precisely how much gold an adventurer earns, and stipulations about whether fights are to-the-death, to first-blood, or on other terms depends on which authority is setting up the event.

Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight?
Mourning has a Thieves Guild. Otherwise, what secret societies do exist seem to do a pretty good job of staying secret. The church of Marduk will pay for investigations of reports of Dragon-cult activity, though.

Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for?
Yes. Although to really get solid details about what is missing, who lost it, when, where, and how much they’ll pay, you’ll need to talk to the benefactor in question. One example, the Qua-zim Monks, who operate a Dwarf and Elf monastery outside Whitestone believe that they have evidence that may lead to the recovery of the Talismen of Two Faces, which historically served as a major relic for their order before it was stolen by a Dark Folk raid.

Adventurer's Chronicle III

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