Adventurer's Chronicle I

The answers to questions that adventurers really want to know, loosely based on a series of questions put together by some clever internet people.

Where can standard equipment be purchased? Are there parts of standard equipment that are not available at all? How does the lack of trees in the world change the variety and rarity of equipment in the world? What substitutes for wood exist?

Generally speaking, there will be shops in most towns that sell generic adventuring equipment. For example, there are three distinct shops outside Murfreesboro’s inner wall that cater specifically to adventuring needs:

  • The Full Quiver specialises in bolts and crossbows, but they have a few firearms, as well as some alchemical equipment and some kits.
  • The Infinite Spellbook’s specialty is all things magical, from scrolls and spellbooks—as well as a magic item with the same name as the shop that allows for store members to access a large archive of spells for scribing to scrolls, spellbooks, and the like—to rods, wands, potions, and even a few ready-to-bind-with-your-soul Improved Familiars.
  • The Handy Halberd (which caters to the more martially inclined, with pretty much every class of metal armor available, most of the leather ones, aisles full of swords on display—including magic swords, and a backroom forge where customized improvements can be made for a fee in a period of only a few days.
    As to equipment availability, items made of wood aren’t available, but there are some items for which a fire-hardened-mushroom based alternative is viable. Glancing at the core rulebook’s weapons, the traditional sickle, quarterstaff, sap, lance, scythe, short and longbows, kama, and nunchaku are unlikely to be available. Meanwhile, other items with wooden parts such as spears, are likely to be much more expensive. If you have questions about weapons and armor from different sources—and you probably will—please consult with the gm.

I’m looking for someone to rob/someone to learn from/someone to eat and gain strength, Who is the mightiest wizard in the land? Who is the greatest warrior in the land? Who is the richest person in the land?

Cannibalism aside, the mightiest spellcaster in the land† is probably the Elfin high-mage Elmira the Radiant, who hails from a comfortable high tower in Mourning. Said to have been conceived when awe concerning possibilities of magic caused her parents—greatly gifted spellcasters themselves—to be overcome with mutual ecstasy, Elmira cast her first cantrip—resistance— as soon as she’d finished her cry of welcoming into the world. While much of Elmira’s life has been spent in dim academic pursuits, she also makes regular pilgrimages with regular adventurers, providing a large amount of magical support. Elmira is said to utilize both Arcane and Elemental spells.

The mightiest warrior in the land is probably Thufiro the Brave, a dwarf given over to bouts of legendary rage. Thufiro earned his title while commanding a battalion of dwarves in the battle of the Red Valley. When a well-maneuvered advance of heavily armored Orcs threatened to cut off his whole battalion, Thufiro asked his men for two vollies of muskets, and prepared to charge through the Orcs singlehandedly. Disjointed under the continual dwarf musketry, the Orcs fell like soft mushrooms before Thufiro’s legendary axe Orcshaver that day. While Thufiro was injured on the battlefield, his raging charge allowed his men to escape. Thufiro keeps a permanent residence in Whitestone, where he will offer assistance to martial fighters of all stripes.

The wealthiest inhabitant of the land is, without question, Yestri the half-elf. Since he retired from his legendary adventuring days to a comfortable life in Murfreesboro, Yestri has turned his considerable attentions to utilizing his position to enrich his estate. Additionally, Yestri owns two banks. Adventurer loans, in which an adventurer borrows money to buy equipment and then either pays off the loan or gives the equipment to the lender are now available to adventurers who can pass a survival test.

†There is the obvious caveat that this can only refer to those about whom the general public would have knowledge. But you are probably taking everything in the wiki with that grain of salt, right?

Adventurer's Chronicle I

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